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that is fucked up

T2TheK responds:

yeah doh >.< whats good?

thanks man

It's great to finally hear something recorded on this track, thanks for doing this. I appreciate the kind words. Keep on doing what you do man, this just made my day!

Real dope man

phat flow, mixing, beat and all that jazz. Good stuff sir, keep on making moves!

Dope flow here

I'm digging the intricate rhyme scheme on your verses, lots of internals.

GloineFiodh responds:

Red you always know what I'm building upon brother! Word up man


I dig the fact that you chose Portishead. A lot of subtle things going on here, I'm going to have to crank this when people aren't sleeping so I can hear everything in its full glory.

EternalXIII responds:

Thanks! xD

Yeah this one has a bit more depth than usual for me :) I actually did a bass! Hehehe, It's just not overbearing like I normally do it xD

Dope on a rope

I like this one, it's got swag to it.

Definitely sounds like a Haywyre beat :D

One thing I love about the sample battles is that you can hear a bunch of people use the same samples and twist them up with their own styles. I like what you did with the trumpet, that's very cool. I also dig the atmosphere; you have a lot things going on behind the base and they fit very well together instead of sounding muddled. I do think the drums could have benefited from some break downs and what not, but you have a lot of dynamic things happening in the rest of the beat so I didn't mind. Ill submission!

haywirehaywire responds:

Thanks mate gotta agree with you on the drums I was way too focused on the melodies. I'll try to do better for my next submission


The "Yeah" at 1:03 sounds like Vinnie Paz. How'd you get Vinnie on your adlibs?

NimbusTheGeneral responds:

I got connections lmao.


Good shit man, I hadn`t heard you rap before. I like your flow.

MadFLeX responds:

Thanks for getting it together, sir.

Yeeeeee narratives!

I'd def introduce the narration flips. I had to listen through and read a couple of times to see just what lines were supposed to be said by this man. "

I like it when you bust out the imagery: "icy rain whipping his face", "train lights flickering", "circles the drain."

Did you ever listen to the No, I'm Sorry track of mine? Same kinda thing, just a quick 16ish I wrote about the homeless. When I stopped in the street and actually let myself really look at and think about these people it gets hard to move on.

GloineFiodh responds:

Yeah you definitely inspired this narrative verse. I hate just finding new ways to say "IM THE GREATEST" in my lyrics so I decided to take a stab at something like this. Thanks Red.


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