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NG Hip Hop Comp 2011

Posted by BigRed - February 12th, 2011

If you want your vote to count for the MC Knock Out POST A REPLY BELOW

I will make a list of all non-MC's who post here. MC's involved in the MC Knock Out can not vote in it. These votes determine the winners, so get people posting in here!! Here's some text to copy and paste so you can make a front page news post about the comp: http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/TK1

The Newgrounds Hip Hop Album 2010 has officially been released on the Newgrounds Store! It's 2 CDs, $15, and contains all of the winning tracks from last years NGHH comp. All profits will go towards prizes for the 2011 comp so support NGHH and BUY THIS CD A limited number of CDs were printed and I don't plan on printing anymore. On the first day of sitting in the store two copies were sold and I hadn't even announced the album yet! Get 'em while you still can!

It is once again time for the gangsters to crawl out from the underground of Newgrounds' Hip Hop scene for the second Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition! Mark March 4th on your calendars if you produce beats, spit ridiculous flow, draw graffiti, or just like to bob your head to a phat bass line. On March 4th the official rules and regulations of this year's competition will be released, along with things like sample packs, MC Knock Out line ups, etc. From that day forward you will have a deadline to produce material for the competition. The comps will not be exactly as they were last year so look out for some new ones! Also, there will be prizes!

Check out Big Red's news page on March 4th to make sure you don't miss this. If you want to be on the NGHH Comp mailing list PM me (Big Red) with your email address. I will be sending out far less PM's this year so SEND ME YOUR EMAIL!! I'll be on Skype regularly too so if you wanna chat hip hop add me on skype, my username is thebigredjay.

MC Knock Out Sign Up

To enter in the MC Knock Out you must submit a short NGHH Comp hype track to the Newgrounds audio portal and then post it in this thread. The hype track should be new material about the comp, NG, whatever, but something relevant please. If you haven't submitted a hype track by March 4th you are not getting a spot in the Knock Out, no exceptions. Here is my hype track.

MC Knock Out Beats

Want to have one of your beats used in the MC Knock Out? Post a link to your battle beats in this thread. Please make sure they have no copyright material in them. If not enough beats are submitted I will cruise the audio portal and pick them myself.

Register to Vote in the MC Knock Out

I'm going to open up the judging this year. To prevent people from registering multiple accounts and voting more than once I'm requiring people to register to their username to vote. MC's cannot vote in the MC Knock Out, even if you've been knocked out. Leave your votes in the review. All votes will be tallied and the most votes wins. If you want to be a registered voter just reply to this thread. I see any suspicious accounts I'll dig into it.

MC Knock Out Hype Tracks
Big Red (not competing)

MC 1 RetributionVox
MC 3 illmortal
MC 4 Glitch2sd
MC 5 Greenskullkid
MC 7 MadFLeX
MC 8 JoeyKeys
MC 9 QSik
MC 10 n1k-mug
MC 11 NimbusTheGeneral
MC 12 Broken-Needle
MC 13 suddlenuance.
MC 15 tehslaphappy
MC 16 Wyze-Stingray
MC 17 Boss
MC 18 Self: The Bluest Eye
MC 19 MickeyMao
MC 20 HelsAlive
MC 21 Smorgishmorg
MC 22 Murdaa
MC 23 Gasmasq
MC 24 GloineFiodh
MC 25 Rahmemhotep
MC 26 waus-collectief
MC 27 Ockeroid
MC 28 Moniker
MC 29 EpilepsyTroll
MC 30 SKS - hype waiting for approval, but was uploaded
MC 31 hellbound182
MC 32 SteveGuzzi

NGHH Comp 2010 Summary

NGHH Comp Winners
MC Knock Out Results
Art Comp

TL;DR: NGHH Comp 2011 begins on March 4th. All deadlines below are March 4th.

--MC's need to register for the Knock Out with a hype track.

--Producers need to submit beats for the MC battles.

--Register to vote if you want your votes counted.


NG Hip Hop Comp 2011

Comments (164)

I'm gettin in on that knock out this year.

Man, that was absolutely sick. I am going to buy this album pretty soon. Great job!

Ill try to come up with a pretty dope beat for this.

yo that sick man, good thing it doesnt start around my finals, haha ill make a Hype Track for this

I just started writing something to the NGHH hype track.

So im not sure i understand the concept of a "hype track"....
I'll make something anyway and say it's a hype track though because im ready to verbally destroy some 14 year olds.

Just drop a few bars about the competition. Explain how you are going to verbally destroy those children. Call out some specific children if you feel so inclined.

If you can freestyle your hype track that's ill too.

Contestant number 1 is in :) Also, do you have skype? Add me (thebigredjay), it'll make communicating through the Knock Out easier.

Here is my hype track <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/399064">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/399064</a>

&quot;i aint on smack tv but yu get smacked on ya teeth&quot;

@glitch: sick

@Respect Thanks lol I was just wrote something out right quick to get in the comp.

My hype track will be posted before the deadline. I'm definitely in it this year. You have my e-mail (otherwise I wouldn't know to leave this comment!), so let me know what's up this time around. TRUST ME when I say this competition is in the bag.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Word, glad to have you back!

I like that, Nimbus. I want you in the first round.

Ah, the spirit of competition! Wait, I listened to your tracks MadFlex...you're rock. How will that work? By the way, you got good music on your page fam. I listen to all genres, you got something going there.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

uh haha, I never gave anybody permission to print my name on anything

I tried to contact everyone involved multiple times, you never responded. Hope it's OK, all profits are going to comp prizes. And that's if we even make profits; those CDs cost a good chunk of change to make.

haha, thanks Nimbus. Rock is a hobby. Hip hop is my life.

I wasn't aware that not responding to something would default to a yes and honestly I think it's kind of unprofessional to make a blind assumption about this sort of thing.

Then I will see you in the competition. If not first round, maybe somewhere in there!

As for the name being posted...I do have one question. And I'm making it crystal CLEAR I'm not starting shit here...but isn't Newgrounds a public forum? So, in essence, aren't they allowed to post your username anyway? I mean, it's advertisement either way. It could draw people to your page. I mean, I don't know myself, which is why I'm asking. I just figured I'd throw that in there in case it was accurate. If I'm wrong, correct me. But do so professionally.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

I'm pretty sure anything you post on here is subject to NG's creative licensing agreement. I'm no authority on it, but I assume you waive any rights to things you put in either portal, other than the ability to put ads on things to make money. They really should give the artists that made that CD some sort of cut of it.

It's likely not going to make much money, and any money is going right back into the competition. My hope was to buy a microphone as a prize for the Knock Out or something like that.

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