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Clabtrap 2013

Posted by BigRed - May 27th, 2013



Eye-Cue vs Teqneek


Pachillis vs Eye-Cue

Teqneek vs Prometheus

Round 3 Battles

Rampant vs Prometheus - Rampant DQ'd

Luke James vs Eye-Cue - Luke James DQ'd

Teqneek vs Butsaay: Teqneek

Jar vs Pachillis: Pachillis

Round 2 Battles

Prometheus vs Axtekk: Prometheus

Jakobe vs Teqneek: Teqneek

Luke James vs Sonic: Luke James

Jar vs Breaker: Jar

Eye-Cue vs Fats: Eye-Cue

Pachillis vs Vinstigator: Pachillis Butsaay vs suddle - DQ, Butsaay Wins

Rampant vs ThreePiece Masochist - DQ, Rampant Wins

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Round 1 Battles

Sky From D-squad vs Jakobe: Jakobe

Sonic vs Wolfie: Sonic

Luke James vs Jang Gang: Luke James

Jar vs DiVoTion: Jar

Phonix vs Prometheus: Prometheus

Maverick vs Pachillis: Pachillis

PiGPEN vs Vinstigator: Vinstigator

suddle vs Willizard: suddle

Teqneek vs Carefoot: Teqneek

WHAT IS THIS SHIT This is an MC knock out competition. MCs battle like this. MCs get knocked out one by one until a winner remains. Previous winners include Scuare, MadFLeX, and Exceptid62190.

A lot of the comp will happen on Newgrounds, who have been super supportive of this comp over the years. They have donated more than $1000 in prizes! This year will be organized at clabtrap.com. The battles are uploaded to Newgrounds and we mostly hang out in this discussion thread.

HOW DO I JOIN YO MCS sign up to battle at clabtrap.com. You need to submit a hype track to compete.

PRODUCERS, send me battle beats. It has to have four consecutive 16 bar verses and it should be around 85 - 95 bpm. Your beat will be included on the competition album. PM me!

EVERYONE ELSE If you want to vote or listen to the battles as they happen go sign up at clabtrap.com!

Round 1 If you're new ask me questions. Going over 16 bars, editing your opponents verse, and handing things in late will get you disqualified. Underlined MC chooses a beat, records 16 bars (45 seconds-ish) then sends the track to their opponent. MC1, MC2, MC1, MC2. Then the battle is done. Send me the completed thing and I will upload it for judging. Byes for this round were randomly selected. If you have bye next to your name, congrats, you automatically advance to the next round.

Eye-Cue - Bye to Round 2 Breaker - Bye to Round 2 Butsaay - Bye to Round 2 ThreePiece Masochist - Bye to Round 2 Gambit vs Fats - Gambit DQ'd RampantMusik vs TK - TK DQ'd wwwoodwing vs Axtekk - wwwoodwing DQ'd

Beats:Another Battle Beat - Blasphem-E

Jetpack - DJ ShaK

Battle Beat #3 - MDJ

Thunderstorm - AxTekk

Epic - Jakobe

Misunderstanding - Dureagon

Bodybag In Ab Minor - Axtekk

battle beat2 (clab) - Prometheus

Battle Beat (clab) - Prometheus

Battle Beat # 2 - MDavidJohnson

BWHUT - AxTekk

Clabtrap Beat #2 RJA3

Ignant - Jakobe

KaosCypher - Axtekk

Wolfie - Alexandria

Toxin - DJDureagon

Pachillis RipDum - AxTekk 

Teqneek Fog's Depth - Wolfie

Jar Yesterday's Tomorrow - Rampant

Rampant Street Art - Axtekk

Sonic Clabbin n' trappin - Sky From D-squad

Prometheus Possible Danger Battle - Dureagon

Jakobe Battle Beat # 1 - MDJ

Vinstigator One Must Die - Axtekk

Rampant Fly - AxTekk

suddle Small Fortune - DJDureagon

Jar Clabtrap Beat #1 RJA3

Eye-Cue Thin Air - Dureagon


Clab'13 Mini Tournament Battles


Byron vs Phonix

Butsaay vs Prometheus

Rampant vs Jakobe

Butsaay vs Byron

Butsaay vs Jakobe

Comments (19)

Put it up here: http://www.clabtrap.com/

Was there simply no album for 2013? What was the deal with that?

2012 you mean? It's in the store being put up soon!

Yes, yes I meant 2012.

There are copies at the NG offices. I'll follow up and see where they are hiding.

Are you doing an art contest this year?

dammit i want to edit my comment on the 1st round "CLAB - suddle vs Willizard", i wanted to say that Suddle wins but also loses for over using concepts, but i wrote win 2 times, goddammit.

Lets move on-to Round 2!

round 2 starts after me and Teqneeks battle is voted on/done.


its done i just need to send the links to teq/red

sorry for delay

wifi is cutting out give me a minute

round 2 starts after me and Teqneeks battle is voted on/done.


its done i just need to send the links to teq/red

sorry for delay

wifi is cutting out give me a minute
i will have to post from a netcafe problem is its 3am none are open :/

Yo Red, just some advice...

As new battles release, it would be wise to link them above the previous battle, instead of below. This way it gives each new battle a bit of limelight, instead of the 1st one released ALWAYS being the top listed. Ya feel me?

upload a battle you idiot

What happened with the 2012 album? It's still not out! :/

This competition still running?

Yussir, the battles from this round are just about finished!

So, did I advance to the Final 4 or something? Isn't that what it means when you're underlined?

bigred needs sjd back so bad it's hilarious well get on your knees and apologize for being an idiot and he'll think about coming back alive for next year LOSER

Neither of the semifinal battles are linked up there, BRUH BRUH!

How does Clabtrap work? Is the initial battle recorded over Skype or something? Or is each round sent back and forth online? If so, then do the competitors actually get time to write their lines?

Red, can we get filled in on what's going on with the final battle? It's been open for 28 days; are you letting it go a month or something? Either way, we deserve some damn information, BRUH BRUH.

ALSO.. What are the prizes? I'm freaking dying from the 7 months of no official answer on that one BRUH BRUH.


Shameless plug.