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Posted by BigRed - March 10th, 2012

NG Discussion Thread
Art Competition

Producer Battles
Sample Competition

Scavenger Hunt

Deadline: Sunday April 29 11:59 M.S.T.

Sample Competition
The sample competition, where everything but the bass must be sampled! Below you will find drums that you must sample, you must synthesize your own bass, and you must hunt the rest of your samples down on Newgrounds and SoundCloud. You may not synthesize anything other than the bass.

Producers Signed Up: EternalXIII, Wrise, ThaKidd, DubbleDeezle, AxTekk, glitchs2d, Tilkanuts, XxxZigZagxxx, SenatorJohnDean

Drums by Mitchell "Kombat" Cairns
Bass - synthesize your own
Samples - Must be from the Newgrounds Audio Portal or SoundCloud's Creative Commons Section

Scavenger Hunt

Producers sign up for the scavenger hunt, and you are in charge of bringing people together to work on this track. Below I am going to present to you a long list of items that you may or may not be able to complete. You will be judged on how effectively you do each item and how many you are able to complete. The wub wub bass, for instance, does not need to go through the whole track. You just have to use it long enough to check it off then you can change things up. You also need to obtain the rights for everything on your track. You may not sample anything without having permission to put it on the 2012 CLABTRAP album. When you are ready to upload your track make sure you list which items you checked off and explain where in your track it is.

Producers Signed Up: EternalXIII, Gasmasq, XxxZigZagxxx

Scavenger Check List
1. Shout Outs from local Celebrities
2. Live instruments
3. Beatboxing
4. Wub Wub bass
5. Self recorded percussion (door slams, knock on wood, etc)
6. Tuvan Throat Singing
7. Emotions to include: Prozak Happy, Wrath of God Angry, Chill Swag, 70s Sex Mode
8. 8 bars of Rap from a Newgrounds MC
9. 8 bars of Rap from a SoundCloud MC
10. 8 bars of Rap from an MC not on NG or SC
11. Most Clever rhyme with CLABTRAP
12. Words to Rhyme: scientologist, autoerotic asphyxiation, 01010011010101110100000101000111, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Honorificabilitudinitatibus, "I got in one little fight and my mom got scared"
13. Find out Emergency's middle name and include it somewhere in your track
14. Use self-recorded sound effects (ketchup squirt, musical saw, cat meow)
15. Get someone to do Scat Singing on your track
16. Find a female vocalist and get her to sing!

MC Knock Out

In the coming weeks 46 MCs will be whittled down to one sole survivor. Welcome to the 2012 MC Knock Out. If you have never battled before make sure you read the BATTLE RULES carefully.

In short:
-four verses, 16 bars each (around 40 seconds)
-underlined MC goes first and chooses beat from CLABTRAP's beats
-3 days per verse unless you get an extension before the battle starts
-Read the BATTLE RULES closely or you might be kicked out

Tournament Bracket
For a smaller version see the bottom of this post.

Due to the large number of MCs some will be battling in a "Pre-Round". This will occur at the same time as Round 1. We will wait for all the battles in Pre-Round and Round 1 to finish before moving on to Round 2, then it's business as usual.

There are plenty of dope MCs in the Pre-Round and MC placement in general was relatively random. MCs were divided into groups to spread the skill around evenly. From these groups battles were randomly selected, allowing for a few tweaks here and there. There are a lot of strong MCs this year, both the Pre-Round and Round 1 have some strong battles. After that it gets insane.

Underlined MCs! You must now choose a beat from the battle beat list, research your opponent, and record the first 16. You have three days from now, and if you're in the Pre-Round please go as fast as you can because you have two battles before Round 2.

In Progress
Check the hype tracks for research. PM Red if you need help.

Battle Beats
MC1 tell me what beat you choose, I will add your name here so everyone doesn't jump on the same beat.

CLABTRAP 2012 by TheZaaL
Battle Beat #1 by Mjohnson00
Battle Beat #2 by Mjohnson00
KaosCypher by AxTekk
Funk-Hop by KirbyFemur
The Distance by Shibumi
N1ly by dlxrevolution
Hype Track by Polaris
Sick or Alive by JP-SuperFresh
Battle Beat 2 by Super Baby Project
Million by JayNyce
Guy on the Couchby JayNyce
Dank by B-RadGfromOV
Wet Crisps by Fat Beats
Iron Splinters by Fat Beats
Lost Beat by war-spawn
Revolution by war-spawn
1-2-12 by war-spawn
Project 103 by war-spawn
Rap-venture by Obsideo
2012 Battle Beat by EternalXIII
Word Salad by Dj Sonik
Battle Beat by Mozez
Backroom by DJDureagon
Nemesis by DJDureagon
Terrortory by FireFoxMcCloud and O-Prime125
Thee Anthem by FireFoxMcCloud
Tango Mafia by Rama
Cyber Invasion by Rama
Fail by PiGPEN
Russian Traditions by Rama
Dancing with Demons by Axtekk
Murder with Stealth by Axtekk

Used Beats
Round 1
Wyze-Stingray Battle Beat 1 by Super Baby Project
PiGPEN Lexaholics by FireFoxMcCloud
Jakobe My Euphorismby JayNyce
KillBill Gene of Being by Rama
JoeyKeys When You Go Away by war-spawn
Scuare Power by Shibumi
Flip Point Fear by TenCentPistol
Round 2
Byron Untitled by Shibumi
suddlenuance. ROF Diss Instrumental by war-spawn
SenatorJohnDean Swag City by dlxrevolution
suddlenuance Placement by JayNyce
KillBillHoly Hoax by Rama

Grudge Matches (side battles)
KillBillVolume2 vs Senator John Dean
Gasmasq vs Rav
Teqneek vs Byron

Side Tracks
Origin (Fat Beats and Teqneek)

Finished Battles

RampantMusik vs Blest
AxTekk vs Fat Beats
Teqneek vs Lil C
suddlenuance. vs XST@TYK
Chainsaw vs MickeyMao
Boss vs Byron
Sc0rChP0KnEe vs B Serious
Maverick vs PiGPEN
Jakobe vs KlazikNadi
Carefoot vs Gasmasq
I'mHighUpHere vs Gambit
Flip Point vs TehSlapHappy
Obsideo vs MC Raven

Round 1
P64vs Wyze
E.J. Spark vs KillBillVolume2
DJ Future vs Senator John Dean
Rav vs Emergency
rezzytip vs soundbreaker
PsioNic vs JoeyKeys
Altovs MC-OG
tvJohnny vs Scuare
Emrox vs Richard J. Amtmann III
PiGPEN vs Teqneek
Blest vs Byron
Chainsaw vs Flip Point
Gasmasq vs Fat Beats
Nerfgun Timmy vs Jakobe
Gambit vs suddlenuance. - Gambit DQ'd
MC Raven vs B Serious - MC Raven DQ'd

Round 2
Jakobe vs SenatorJohnDean
Flip Point vs Byron
Scuare vs Emergency
PiGPEN vs suddlenuance.
JoeyKeys vs Gasmasq
Wyze-Stingray vs B Serious
KillBillVolume2 vs Alto
Soundbreaker vs Richard J. Amtmann III- Soundbreaker DQ'd

Round 3
Byron vs Scuare
KillBillVolume2 vs Wyze-Stingray
SenatorJohnDean vs Gasmaq
suddlenuance. vs Richard J. Amtmann III

KillBillVolume2 vs Scuare
suddlenuance. vs SenatorJohnDean

suddlenuance. vs KillBillVolume2
Due 11:59 pm Friday

SenatorJohnDean vs Scuare
Due 11:59 pm Friday


Producer Battles
Scavenger Hunt - 1st - $100 NG Store Credit
Sample Battle - 1st - $50 NG Store Credit

Art Competition
1st - $70 NG Store Credit, 2 Copies of CLAB 2012 Album
2nd - $50 NG Store Credit
3rd - $30 NG Store Credit

MC Knock Out
1st - SoundCloud Pro Account and $75 NG Store Credit
2nd - $75 NG Store Credit
3rd - $50 NG Store Credit


Comments (49)

The beat I choose to end Lil C's rap career is Word Salad.



I'm taking Holy Hoax by Rama.

I select Fail by PiGPEN

untiled by shibumi.

I got 2012 Battle Beat.

@RAV- Word. Mine's a preliminary round anyway, so it most likely won't be featured on the cd. Although it should. I'm going to eat Lil C's soul.

Bagsy Terrortory (though all sick beats)

Bagsy Terrortory (though all sick beats)

I'm going to go with Placement by JayNyce.

beatswitch!: gene of being by rama. final answer.

Rama :: Tango Mafia

Rama - Cyber Invasion

techneek better start writing your lyrics down, kuz ima just be spittin w.e i feel that day, wish you could freestyle 2... but in time you will , thats what a rap battle contender should be.. so thats how i will record my track .. 1 verse 1 hurse

@EmpireMusik - I suggest you learn how to spell "hearse" correctly first.

GO TO THE DISCUSSION THREAD: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/1294569

my opponent's name is teqhneek? thats not spelt correctly either, what are you a little paper clip from microsoft word :S? this is not a spelling bee so shutup and stop crying bout every fault you see in life

GO TO THE DISCUSSION THREAD: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/1294569

Swag City by dixrevolution

my euphorism by jaynyce

BEAT SWAP (battle beat 1 super baby project please)

OOPS, posting off my alt, I'd like to swap to battle beat 1

I just hope y'all didn't have the best compete against the best too soon lol. I'd like to see great artists on different sides of the brackets to try and compete against one another this time around.

Bring this to the discussion thread! The bracket is up, go speculate on what you think the best battles will be!

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