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Art Contest Rules
Dimensions: 1425px X 1425px
Standard 4.75" by 4.75" CD insert at 300dpi

CLABTRAP should be all capital letters

Deadline: April 29th 11:59 M.S.T

Content: This is the cover of a hip hop album and everything other than the title is up to you!

1st - $70 NG Store Credit
2nd - $50 NG Store Credit
3rd - $30 NG Store Credit

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011 Submissions
Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2010 Submissions
Kuoke's Winning 2011 Submission
BizarroJoe's Winning 2010 Submission

You may be familiar with earlier competitions, we used to go by "Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition". It's now under CLABTRAP but the comp is still hosted on and supported by the great Newgrounds. For about a month now musicians have been working on the audio side of the competition, you can even listen to the first round of battles! Now it's time to get artists in! At the end of the comp we produce an album with the winning tracks from the competition, both the 2010 and 2011 albums are in the Newgrounds store. The winning album cover will be printed on our actual album! All proceeds from album sales go towards future CLABTRAP competitions.

After the deadline a winner will be selected and expected to help put together the 2012 album using the cover that you provided. Last year Kuoke put the album together and re-used some of the art work from the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

That's it! To submit your album cover just upload the image to this thread. You may post works in progress but clearly specify when you have submitted an official result.

You are allowed multiple submissions but only one may win. Artists retain ownership of submitted art but grant CLABTRAP and Newgrounds the right to use it in the future for promotional purposes and to include it in the 2012 album.


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