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January Battles

Posted by BigRed - January 20th, 2012

Discussion Thread

January Battles Rules
- underlined MC goes first
- 16 bars per verse (usually around 40 seconds)
- the MC up first should choose a beat from the list below and start writing their first verse ASAP
- pay attention to the beats already chosen, lets not all battle on the same beat
- 3 days per verse or you're out, I'm going to be strict on deadlines unless you ask in advance

Drop Outs
warlock, n1k

Finished Battles
Fat Beats vs RampantMusik
MickeyMao vs rezzytip
Emergency vs SKS
MickeyMao vs Just Insane
PiGPEN vs Blest
Byron vs Gasmasq
BummerCityTown vs Achilles015
MadFLeX vs Richard J. Amtmann III

Battle Beats
Made for January Battles

Shibumi - The Distance
Dj Sonik - Word Salad
Double Deezle - Animal

Various Beats
Rama - Russian Traditions
Rama - Tango Mafia
Rama - Holy Hoax
Super Baby Project - Battle Beat 1
Super Baby Project - Battle Beat 2
JayNyce - Alleyway
JayNyce - Million
JayNyce - Power
JayNyce - Placement
Shibumi - Untitled
Wyze-Stingray - Call Me a Hater
JakobePaulobe - Seriously Serious Beat

*all mc's can vote automatically*
Super Baby Project

Also, I've got a gift for you all! I've built a website to host a summary of all battles, user statistics, etc. It's called CLABTRAP, which is short for Collaborative Rap, and I'm going to use it as a tool to help organize collabs, battles, and competitions in the future. Right now I've got all my battles up there and I'll be getting the HDC battles and collabs up there too. If you're hosting a collab or have something for me to post get at me and I'll stick it up! Also, check out the Users page for a list of battle stats, like wins and loses for instance. CLABTRAP will be growing in the coming months, it's my new project. Check it out and let me know what you think!

To hear about future battles and comps PM Big Red your email.

January Battles

Comments (19)

I'm really feelin The Distance by Shibumi. So I'll start writing/recording to that beat.

Got it.

Just out of curiosity, how'd you pick the match-ups this time around?

Just tried to pick out decent battles with people who haven't battled before.

Ufff, I just realised I'm meant to post here which beat I'm using.

Tango Mafia by Rama is the one.

-Fat Beats

I'm going with 'Double Deezle - Animal' for the beat.

I think clabtrap is a great idea man, you could open it up to people outside of NG and it could be really big imo

Good luck with clabtrap! You releasing any of your own stuff soon?

Maybe some cyphers with others, I've got some other tracks on the go but I'm not really working on them right now.

Clabtrap looks really good. You could possibly include HDC on it as well.
Byron vs. Gasmasq on The Distance seems like a good match-up.
Good luck all MCs. :)

Yeah, HDC's battles are going up soon! I'm going to build a list of voters that everyone can use for battles, and as long as the battle is open to public voting I'll include it on clabtrap.

I didn't see Mickey has two battles up, but I like that Animal beat so imma choose that for our battle too.

Getting much more organized I see. I can't wait to hear the battles, all the instrumentals sound dope so far!

The same beat, twice... sigh... Alright, lets do this! **Elephant trumpet**

I'll choose Wyze-Stingray: Call Me A Hater. My first verse will be done in a day or two. I'll try to speed it up due to the late entry.

Sweet! If HDC battles go up then my record starts looking decent again

Mad off topic but when you gonna do another Cypher bro, its been like a year and a half.
I liked to be on it.

if theres a cypher count me in. also, how often will clabtrap be updated?

Once very few weeks for now. Eventually I will automate some of this stuff and it will update much more frequently.

Lol, yea, on CLABTRAP, I'm QSik if you wanna change that to Emergency. Also, you need a new design or somethin man haha.

Upload battle #2 already!

If N1K's out I wanna take his spot!

Did Mao really have to spit on the same beat 3 times lol
Damn Elephant Trumpet..