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Big Red's Winter Battles

Posted by BigRed - November 14th, 2011

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Battle Discussion Thread

All MCS battling can vote on other battles. If you're not battling PM me and request for me to count your vote. If you don't PM me, you haven't read this, and I'm not counting your vote.

After endless hours of slaving away in a candle lit frenzy I have the battle matchups. If you haven't battled with me before here's how things work. The underlined MC has the first verse. So, if your name is underlined, download the beat assigned to you and start writing the first 16 bars. Most tracks are tight, don't leave a whole lot of silence. Usually there's a little bit of an intro and you come in when the drums kick in. On most tracks 16 bars is 40ish seconds. Then, record your 16 bars and mix them on top of the beat. On most beats you should not touch the track, just mix your vocals over top of it. On some beats there are heavy synths mucking up the mid/high ranges, you may equalize them out a bit to make room for your vocals. If this is a problem let me know.

Otherwise, mix your 16 on top, then upload your track to mediafire or any file sharing thang. PM or email this to both your opponent, and to me. I keep track of where all the battles are at so I can jumpstart any that fall behind. Once the second MC gets the track he comes in where the first MC stops and puts another 16 bars down, and so on until there are four verses on the beat. Then, you send the finished battle track to me and I will upload it on my account. Do not upload it to your own. Early submissions get the most attention so get it done as fast as possible.

This is not a knock-out competition, just battles, so the deadlines aren't as strict. Generally you've got three days MAX to record a verse. If you've got a legit excuse let me know. Otherwise if you take much longer you might be disqualified and your opponent matched up with someone else. I'll try to make sure everyone gets atleast one good battle in, so if people drop out I'll make something work with the other MC. Don't drop out though, it's such a pain for everyone.

All MCs should post in the discussion thread to confirm that you have read this. I'm going to get cracking tracking people down, if you've got your beat and are good to go let me know.

I've done my best to match up people according to skill. 40 MCs was quite a bit though, so it's likely not perfect. But, if you feel like you got a weak match, destroy your opponent and prove it. I'll be hosting much more battles to come and if I see you ripping people up I'll hook you up with challenges. I picked the MC to go first with a flip of a coin.

I've got two NGHH 2011 albums up for grabs. I'm going to give these to the two MCs with the most impressive performances. Break a leg!


Beat by Shibumi
MC1 Confirmed, MC1 Verse 1, MC2 Verse 1

Richard J. Amtmann III vs Datacat Tacatad
Beat by Rama
MC1 Confirmed, MC1 Verse 1


Finished Battles

BummerCityTown vs Redeye Steez
Winner: BummerCityTown

PhrOzen vs Busta Rabbi
Winner: PhrOzen

Fat Beats vs HeavyUrb
Winner: Fat Beats

TehSlapHappy vs Wyze-Stingray
Winner: Wyze-Stingray

Richard J. Amtmann III vs THE iiNSOMNiiAC
Winner: Richard J. Amtmann III

MickeyMao vs Obii-O
Winner: MickeyMao

MATATAT vs Byron
Winner: Byron

Boss vs MC McFist
Winner: Boss

PiGPEN vs Greenskullkid
Winner: PiGPEN

MadFLeX vs MR-Maelstrom
Winner: MadFLeX

PIED3 vs Methreee
Winner: Methreee

Gasmasq vs OxyJin
Winner: Gasmasq

n1k vs achilles015
Winner: achilles015

dacookup vs HeIsAlive
Winner: dacookup

Rahmemhotep vs Just Insane
Winner: Just Insane

Comments (16)

As per usual, if I've made any obtuse mistakes just let me know and I'll get it fixed. Try to keep discussions to the discussion thread in the forum:

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1278662">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 278662</a>

4 beats by Rama being used...I like that. He's my favorite NG producer. I'm going to have to keep a real close eye on this comp, especially those battles.

Same here. I was like, &quot;I WANT A BEAT FROM RAMA TO BATTLE ON!&quot; but then I was all like.... &quot;awwwww&quot;........ :(


Super disappointed I missed the chance to battle somebody. Hope the battles are still good.

Phaded, if you're up for it, I enjoy a nice battle from time to time.

Phaded, if you're down I'll match you two up. I'll get a beat, flip a coin, and let you two know the details tonight.

NIce got some new MC's in here good shit.

I actually forgot I had a Newgrounds account. Just Insane here. Sounds like fun!

Nice, ive been waiting for another battle series lol.
Cant wait to hear these match ups.

my opponents is sluggish

responded too late=( count me in for the next one=)

This is quite fun. I'm loving what I hear so far- excellent work. (Props to BigRed for organizing all the battles...really appreciate your work there, man.)

Yo Red, if you need another judge let me know. I'll post detailed critiques if so, since I can't compete this time around.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Wait hold up is this thing still going on or have the dead lines to sign up ended?

Dacookup takes so long every time its his turn lol.
I know it took me 4 days for my second verse, but come on...
6 days a verse? damn...

richja223, lol.