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Newgrounds MC Knock Out Results

Posted by BigRed - May 19th, 2010

NGHH Comp Summary

It is time for the NGHH competition to finally come to an end. The MC's have battled through four fierce rounds and anxiously await the results of the final battle. There are some damn good rhymesayers on this website and it has been a pleasure to listen in. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did, and I expect to see you all return next year for the next Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition!

The last battle was difficult to judge. There are people aggresively arguing both sides, illustrating just how competent each MC was. The official NGHH judges were also on the fence, and the winner only snuck by with two extra votes. DJ-Delinquent chose to relinquish his judgement on this round due to his bias for KOA. In my opinion this was a very fair thing to do and I respect that he chose to do it. The other judges votes are in.

Exceptid62190: Lejin, mseemercury, MindChamber, HeLLsGaUrDiAn, IKONiC

GloineFiodh: MickeyMao, KillBillVolume2, Vinstigator

Kudos to GloineFiodh on the battle, he showed immense lyrical skill and seems to have captured a lot of fans on this site! Without further ado, I am proud to announce that the 2010 NG MC Knock Out winner is Exceptid62190!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /332214

Thanks for listening everyone, and I will see you next year!

MC Knock Out
Round 1

linez vs Jirohbomb :linez
GloineFiodh vs chrisG755 :GloineFiodh
Murdaa --- VS --- Wyze-Stingray : Murdaa
RetributionVox ---VS --- RednWhite :RetributionVox
SteveGuzzi ---VS--- wasim :SteveGuzzi
NimbusTheGeneral ---VS--- 8trackdubs :8trackdubs
R-avenger ---VS--- denverbroncos59 :R-avenger
RedMongoose ---VS---TheIconicIcon :TheIconicIcon
Vashelite ---VS--- Exceptid62190 :Exceptid62190
Broken-Needle ---VS--- Gasmasq :Gasmasq
Round 2
RetributionVox vs Gasmasq : Gasmasq
Exceptid62190 vs 8trackdubs :Exceptid62190
SteveGuzzi vs Murdaa :Murdaa
TheIconicIcon vs GloineFiodh :GloineFiodh
linez vs R-Avenger :both contestants did not submit a verse
Round 3
Murdaa vs Exceptid62190 :Exceptid62190
GloineFiodh vs GasMasq :GloineFiodh
Final Round
Exceptid62190 vs GloineFiodh

Newgrounds MC Knock Out Results

Comments (13)


shits WACK

hahahah the only thing this fucking contest did was solidify the fact that the majority of the judges and members of this website have not even a vague understanding of lyricism and talent. what a complete waste of energy and commitment, I really hope that the golden boy you've chosen "makes it" because I would love to hear more of his mainstream spittle...sorry I mean emotional brilliance. So "kudos" to you worthless judges for complying with our cultures mind-fucked concept of hip-hop, and congratulations to Chris Michaud you truly are the "punch line king".

i guess this is the first music contest in history to be judged by deaf homosexuals.

Well, I would have given the vote to Gloine. I believed him to be lyrically superior compared to Exceptid. But Exceptid definitely gave it a good run in all of his battles, and sometimes the hard emotion shines through. So congrats to both finalists, and nice job winning it, Exceptid.

I noticed most of the people leaving negative feedback are accounts that signed up this month. Actually some of them signed up just 2 days ago. Alt accounts much? Anyway TingTonger, don't listen to those idiots. This contest was awesome and I look forward to the next one.

This is directed towards everyone, specifically people saying shit about this battle.

I gotta say im done with shit talking to everyone so if kids keep wanting to post negative reviews on my songs, go for it. im not tryna get wrapped up in something that is not me. First of all, i gotta say, what i said to gloine was stupid, he's a sick lyricist, i could learn a thing or two from. I also could have came harder in my battle, I legit have never battled before this competition, i have been rapping for a while. but for people saying i am trying to act like a "vet". im sorry you got that impression. my review was retarted. to terrocotta- i take it your gloines boy, and i respect that. If someone was talking shit to one of my friends i would be all over two. So your just being a good friend, so i got respect for you even if you dont respect me. It's all good, I just remember seeing you posted a review, on the battle i had with murda saying i went harder yadda yadda yadda. So if you really hate my shit as much as you claim, wouldnt you have said. Murda was better. Or BOTH EMCEES SUCK. i just dont get that shit. if you really dont like my music though its all good. to each his own.
I could have deffinitly came harder in my verses, I have been watching battles on grind time and king of the dot. and my shit.. i fucked up. But foreal, to everyone whose cool with gloine, or thought i was being cocky in my review. or like think of me differently because of it. im sorry,i dont expect you all to be like... oh he's fine now. but whatelse can i do. it was a mistake on my part. my bad. im done with this shit talking but if your still tryna hate on me. go for it.

Vinstigator, to add credence to your theory, they were on his battles the whole time

eh i've been following for awhile just didn't see the need to post till the end.

exceptid- i don't mind your stuff, i definitely think you were better than murda, just not better than gloine, that's all. congrats and everything, i just disagree with the outcome

fyi my top 3 coming from this competition were
1) gloine
2) gasmasq
3) exceptid

congrats on the contest once again and both finalists were amazing,.

Exceptid is a very talented person. I've heard this kid bust out some serious freestyles in person before.

pretty solid from both guys. i feel like their styles were apples and oranges which explains why the judging was so close. i liked ex's attack, but gloines wordplay and versatility were better in this round, in my opinion. next time you guys do this, i want to get in, holler at me.

lol @ people getting butt hurt that their champ didn't make it. This battle is some petty shit we all did for fun and practice. Seems the only ones getting bent out of shape about it is the fans..

Mad props to Ex for taking the comp. KOA bringin it thru all day.

And gratz to Gloine for going as far as he did. What a great lyricist.

Let's all get back to the pens and pads, eh?